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Memo to Atlanta: Don’t apologize. Let our record speak for itself.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff

After a Boston Globe column about the New England Patriots went viral this week, a writer for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution hit back.

Dan Shaughnessy penned a piece for the Globe Monday that argued it’s hard for New England fans to feel, well, anything when it comes to the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.

“When it comes to Atlanta and its sports fans, we feel nothing. Maybe a little pity,” Shaughnessy wrote.

Shaughnessy also argued that a Super Bowl matchup versus the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Giants would have been beter.


“The Atlanta Falcons? Meh,” he wrote.

Although Shaughnessy wrote that he didn’t intend “to insult the nice folks of Atlanta,” apparently there was, indeed, offense taken.

Mark Bradley, a sports columnist and blogger for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, took down Shaughnessy’s arguments in a piece published on Monday.

“I understand folks up there mightn’t feel stoked about this game, but that’s OK,” Bradley wrote. “Imagine how it will feel when their proud team loses to a franchise that hasn’t much of a history.”

Whoa now.

Bradley also took a dig at the team’s star duo, describing coach Bill Belichick as an “ass” (while noting in the same sentence that Bradley admired him).

He also wrote that he never “warmed to” quarterback Tom Brady.

But when a QB leads his team into the playoffs in 14 of his 17 seasons, you don’t need to warm up to him — you just need to bask in the glow that is the GOAT. (By comparison, the Falcons as a franchise have made it just 13 times in 51 seasons.)

Another stat to mull: Brady has won 24 playoff games in his 17-season career. Meanwhile, the Falcons franchise has won 9 playoff games in its 51-season history.



Bradley also tried a not-so-subtle dig at Beantown.

“As for Boston itself: Great place. . . I wouldn’t want to live there, but that’s only because of the weather. Personal choice.”

But hey, who can blame him — sweating during a shower is as comfortable as it gets, right?

At least he didn’t bring up how some Patriots fans are so hard-core, they pull fire alarms at opposing teams’ hotels.