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PHOENIX — NFL owners approved the following rule changes Tuesday:

■ Prohibiting ‘‘leapers’’ who try to block field goals and extra points. A safety measure endorsed by the players and their union.

■ Allowing referees to use tablets to review plays rather than ‘‘go under the hood,’’ with final decisions being made by Dean Blandino and his officiating staff in New York, with consultation with the ref.

■ Adding protection for a defenseless player to a receiver running a route. A player safety measure.

■ Making permanent the rule of ejecting a player for committing two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in one game.


■ Extending for one year spotting the ball at the 25-yard line after a touchback.

■ Banning crackback blocks by a backfield player in motion.

■ Making it an unsportsmanlike penalty to commit multiple fouls on the same play for clock management purposes.

■ Permitting a team to hire another team’s employee during the season as long as the employer consents.

What was tabled:

■ Shortening regular-season overtimes from 15 minutes to 10. The competition committee believes it will eliminate disadvantages in scheduling and help with player safety.