Patriots Replay: Key plays from New England’s win over the Bills

By Globe Staff 

Here’s our weekly look at the key plays in the Patriots’ game after reviewing the film.

Born to run

The Bills played a two-deep safety defense and practically begged the Patriots to run the ball all game.


They also kept an extra defensive back in the game when the Patriots had two tight ends in the game, and the Patriots ran the ball right at the Bills.

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The Bills also didn’t blitz often, but the few times they did, bad things happened. The Bills blitzed eight defenders on third and 11, and tight end Rob Gronkowski was wide open for 19 yards.

Defending the Bills

The Patriots, on the other hand, played a single-high safety for most of the game and brought an extra defender into the box, daring quarterback Tyrod Taylor to beat them deep.

The Patriots also held off on the blitzes, and had linebacker Kyle Van Noy spy the passing lanes.

But the Bills still rushed for 183 yards, and newcomer Eric Lee had trouble keeping the edge on several big runs. On this 18-yard run, he was sealed off by wide receiver Deonte Thompson.

Paving the way


The Patriots opened some huge holes for running backs Rex Burkhead and Dion Lewis, using a total team effort.

Brady blowup

Quarterback Tom Brady never saw receiver Phillip Dorsett wide open along the left sideline, and Brady missed on his throw to receiver Brandin Cooks over the middle, prompting a comment from offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and a blow-up from Brady on the sideline. While Brady’s pass looked off-target, Cooks didn’t do a good job of sitting down in the zone.

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