Jay Cutler is the kind of QB even an offensive lineman would like to hit

David Diehl.
David Diehl.Getty Images

Even though he was an offensive lineman, former New York Giant David Diehl would love to suit up again and hit a quarterback from the AFC East. Patriots fans can relax though. It’s not Tom Brady.

Diehl, who played on the Giants teams that defeated the Patriots in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI, appeared on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday morning. The radio show also airs on Audience Network and NBC Sports. The show often provides live look-ins during commercial breaks in which the host and guests are still mic’d up.

During one commercial break after the interview was over, the camera and microphones caught an interesting exchange.


Dan Patrick: Wouldn’t you want to hit Tom Brady one more time?

Dave Diehl: Who me? Not really. I respect him. He’s not one of those guys you want to hit. Jay Cutler’s the guy you want to smash, because the guy’s not a leader at the quarterback position. I love that when he goes to Miami, people think a zebra’s going to change his stripes. You know what you’re getting. You know exactly who he is as a football player.”

Patrick: So why do you want to smack him because he’s not a leader?

Diehl: Because of the way that’s he’s thrown his teammates all under the bus...

And with that, the show again went to commercial.

Diehl has been a guest on the show before, and likely knew he was being recorded. It’s possible he would have had the same answer had he been asked during the regular interview.

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