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FOXBOROUGH – Bill Belichick preferred to reserve judgment on making any predictions for how the Patriots may deploy James Harrison.

The veteran outside linebacker played for the Steelers for 14 of his 15 years in the NFL, and Belichick was asked if there might be some similarities or crossover with his responsibilities in the New England

“I don’t know,’’ the coach said Wednesday morning. “We’ll start working with him and see how it goes.”

When asked if Harrison’s experience in big games was a factor in bringing him on board, Belichick said, “Yeah, we can’t control that.’’

The coach also dismissed any conspiracy theories that Harrison was signed to provide any inside information against the Steelers.


“We’re playing the Jets this week, so I don’t know what that would have to do with it,’’ he said. “Maybe I’m missing something.’’

As for a future playoff date with Pittsburgh, Belichick stayed with, “We’re playing the Jets this week.’’

Harrison has the potential to bring a further measure of security to a spot that has had a lot of turnover even going back to training camp.

“There’s been a lot of transition there, a lot of guys have played that position,’’ said Belichick. “The players themselves have put a lot into it. The number of players is probably getting close to double digits. We’ve had a lot of guys that have worked hard at those spots in various roles or assignments and so forth. We’ll just keep working at it.’’

Harrison, 39, is scheduled for his first on-field workout with the Patriots Wednesday afternoon.

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