Here’s what Tom Brady had to say about the ‘TB Times’ illustrations

Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff

Tom Brady was fired up after the Patriots scored against the Jets.

By Hayden Bird Staff 

One of the stranger aspects of Tom Brady’s recent career in New England has been the ongoing postgame illustrations displayed on his social media known as the “TB Times.” In a recent interview on WEEI, Brady offered additional information about the off-beat drawings.

Beginning at the start of the 2016 season, Brady and his social media team began celebrating each Patriots win with a unique illustration called the “TB Times.” The initially simple concepts became increasingly eccentric. Here’s an example from Oct. 2016 involving Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski:


Eventually, the consistent string of “TB Times” editions, plus the lack of a comprehensive explanation for their purpose or design, spawned investigations into the nature of Brady’s posts.

When asked about the “TB Times” on Kirk & Callahan, he explained that the illustrations do, in fact, “all have a little different meaning.” Brady also noted that the story behind the mysterious alligator – a recurring “TB Times” character – will eventually be explained:

The latest “TB Times,” posted following the Patriots’ regular season finale win over the Jets, was New Years themed: