Here are all the interesting things that happened at the Eagles parade Thursday

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A fan waved an Eagles flag before festivities began.

By Globe Staff 

Sure, New England might still be disappointed the Patriots didn’t take home a Vince Lombardi trophy Sunday. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been fun to watch Philadelphia revel in its first-ever Super Bowl win.

Hundreds of thousands of Eagles fans flocked to the streets of Philadelphia on Thursday to celebrate the team’s weekend win.


Schools, museums, courts, government offices, and even the Philadelphia Zoo were shut down so the city could fete the underdog team. However, that didn’t stop one priest from issuing a pre-parade plea to fans.

And did the Eagles fans show up. According to a local NBC outlet, hundreds of fans were already lined up behind barricades at 4:10 a.m. — before the sun had even come up — hours before the parade was scheduled to start at 11 a.m.

An ESPN writer also reported that Eagles fans were ready to, er, party pretty early in the morning.

The early-morning crowds were nothing compared with the throngs of fans that swamped the streets as the morning went on. Overall, hundreds of thousands of Eagles supporters ditched school or work to share in the team’s jubilation.

Jessica Griffin/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP

An aerial view of the parade.

There was some synchronized chanting and arm swaying.


Philadelphia City Hall was also decked out for the parade.

Some fans dyed their hair — and beards — to Eagles green.

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Eagles fans celebrated during the Super Bowl LII parade.

A Bleacher Report journalist said one fan even flew up to Philadelphia from Florida to scatter his grandfather’s ashes at the parade site.

And of course, in typical Philly fashion, there was pole climbing . . .

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

A fan climbed a light pole during the parade.

. . . as well as statue climbing.

OK — let’s just say there was a lot of climbing.


One fan managed to take a quick jog atop a row of portapotties.

A dance party also erupted on top of a garbage truck.

There apparently was even a skywriter.

Eagles players and coaches themselves got into the spirit. Center Jason Kelce walked the parade route in an outlandishly sequined Mummers getup — a nod to Philadelphia’s raucous annual parade on New Year’s Day — slapping fans’ hands and leading them in a profane chant broadcast on live TV.

Meanwhile, defensive end Chris Long wore a full-length, fake fur coat atop an Allen Iverson 76ers jersey.

Coach Doug Pederson even showed off his athletic skills by catching a beer can that was thrown to him from the crowd.

One fan also claimed she saw quarterback Nick Foles get whacked in the head by a tree branch.

The fete ended at the ‘‘Rocky’’ steps at the art museum, with Kelce giving a rousing lecture on the meaning of the word “underdog” for Philadelphia.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

A fan held up a sign during the parade.

Police reported only one act of violence during the parade: a stabbing about a half-block off the parade route. No details were given, and the person’s condition wasn’t released.

The biggest problem facing parade-goers Thursday afternoon was making the trip home on mass transit. One heavily used subway station was closed about an hour after the victory rally ended because of overcrowding.

The parade capped a glorious week for jubilant fans celebrating an NFL title that had eluded them for nearly 60 years. Led by the backup quarterback Nick Foles and second-year coach Pederson, the Eagles beat the Patriots, 41-33, on Sunday night.

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report.