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They just can’t quit gloating.

A Philadelphia Eagles fan who apparently lives in Massachusetts is trolling the New England Patriots by purchasing an electronic billboard ad on Route 1 near Gillette Stadium that exults in the Eagles’ Super Bowl win over the Pats in February.

Those who are flocking to Foxborough on Thursday to watch the Patriots take on the Eagles in a preseason game will be likely to see it: The billboard — which shares a revolving spot with five other ads — was put up Monday, according to the company that owns it, and will stay there for four weeks.


It all apparently started after Gina Lewis, who says on Twitter that she is the “biggest Eagles fan alive,” bet a Patriots-loving co-worker in June that if she got 4,100 likes and 3,300 retweets on a Twitter post, he would pay to put up an image depicting Tom Brady fumbling the ball during Super Bowl LII.

Lewis’s tweet as of Aug. 13 had 8,500 retweets and 14,500 likes, but it’s unclear if her co-worker ended up ponying up, and if so, how much he contributed. Either way, Lewis teamed up with Philadelphia-based sports artist Jordan Spector to have an image drawn, and started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the billboard. The GoFundMe page says the $5,000 needed for a month-long billboard was raised in less than two months; the page is continuing to raise up to $10,000 to help pay Spector for the commissioned piece, with the rest of the proceeds being donated to the Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation.

The finished product is a drawing that appears to show Patriots Tom Brady getting sacked, and Eagles quarterback Nick Foles catching the Lombardi Trophy. Both players wore numbers on their jerseys to denote the final score: 41-33.


The artwork’s accompanying text originally said “No one likes us and we don’t care!,” the artist wrote on Twitter, but the wording had to be changed “due to potential conflicts/a request from the billboard company,” he said. It now reads “Go Birds” and “World champs!” The ad also includes Lewis’s Twitter handle and Spector’s website.

Lewis took to Twitter on Monday to showcase photos of the billboard.

Spector, an Eagles fan himself, told the Globe that Lewis approached him and asked if he could come up with a creative design. After running some ideas by a Facebook group for Eagles fans, he settled on making the “underdog” the centerpiece of the design — since the dog masks were “a big thing” with fans — with the dog wearing a costume similar to one donned by Eagles player Jason Kelce in the team’s victory parade.

He said he designed the billboard for free, but is using some money raised by Lewis to raffle off prints in a bid to raise awareness on their efforts for the AO1 Foundation.

Lewis could not be immediately reached for comment.

The billboard is near the McDonald’s at the intersection of Route 1 and North Street, which sits less than a mile away from Gillette Stadium. Several businesses nearby reached by the Globe, including McDonald’s, said that no one had noticed the billboard as of late Monday afternoon.

Lewis, whose social media feeds are full of pro-Eagles pictures and memes, has her location set as “Massachusetts” on Twitter and as “Pittsfield, MA” on GoFundMe. She has said in previous tweets that she lives two hours from Boston — “on the other end of the state” — and that she is “an Eagles fan in New England.”


Michael Murphy, general manager at the Providence office of Lamar Advertising — the company that owns the billboard — said the ad was posted on Monday, and will be up for four weeks. The Eagles message shares space with five other digital advertisements, with each spending 10 seconds in front of viewers before flashing to the next one.

Murphy, who approves the ads before they are posted for the public to see, said he hasn’t received any pushback as of late Monday afternoon.

“She had the right to buy it, we accepted it, and she paid for it,” he said.

When asked if he was a Patriots fan, Murphy replied: “Huge. Huge.”

But, after all, “business is business, right?”

The billboard, as pictured on Monday.
The billboard, as pictured on Monday.Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff