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Dunkin’ Donuts served a Patriots fan an iced tea — in a Philadelphia Eagles cup

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Patti Panzer knew there was something not-quite-right about the drinks her husband brought home Friday from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Panzer is a committed New England Patriots fan, and as the Patriots’ regular season approaches, she said she wasn’t surprised to see a football team’s logo on the side of the plastic cup.

But it was the team that caught her eye: Instead of her Patriots, it was the logo of the Philadelphia Eagles printed on the cups. The very team that defeated the Patriots during Super Bowl 52 in February.

“I almost thought I was seeing something: what is that doing on our cups?” Panzer said.
“Right away, I was thinking, ‘Was this some kind of joke?’”


Patti Panzer, of Attleboro, said the Dunkin Donuts iced tea her husband ordered Friday came in a cup printed with the Philadelphia Eagles’s logo. The Canton-based company said it is now taking steps to ensure local stores are stocked with the correct cups.Patti Panzer

The Attleboro resident wasn’t seeing things; but it was no joke, either. The wrong cups were sent to a Dunkin Donuts restaurant in Attleboro, according to the company.

“We appreciate our loyal customers for bringing this to our attention, and we are taking steps to ensure all of our local stores are stocked with the correct cups. Go Pats!” the company said.

But of all the teams in the National Football League, it had to be the Eagles, right?

Panzer said she posted an image of the cup on a Facebook page for Attleboro residents, and as a joke, posted a second image of the offending Eagles logo covered by a Patriots-branded coozy.

Other Attleboro residents responded to the post with a mix of surprise and humor -- plus a few also claimed to get the same cups. (Adding insult to injury, the cups also displayed the phrase “World Champions” underneath Philadelphia’s logo.)

“That’s sacrilegious!” wrote one commenter.

But Panzer is taking it in stride: She’s not planning a boycott of Dunkin’ Donuts or anything, and praised the staff at the local store, where Panzer gets her favorite iced tea on a regular basis.


She’s from Long Island, and became a Patriots fan after Tom Brady joined the team as quarterback.

Ironically, she and her husband, Karl, were in Philadelphia over the weekend to celebrate his parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. On a whim, she checked out a Dunkin’ Donuts down there to see if they received Patriots cups by accident.

But no, Philly fans weren’t deprived of cups reminding them of their team’s Super Bowl win.

The whole thing has Panzer wondering if someone was having some fun at the expense of Patriots fans.

She pointed to a billboard on Route 1 which trolled Patriots fans over the Eagles Super Bowl victory. And she wondered aloud if similar good-natured ribbing was afoot.

“We are the team that people love to hate and poke fun at,” she said.

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