Jaguars coach Doug Marrone claims he hasn’t watched a Super Bowl in decades

Doug Marrone is in his second season with the Jaguars.
Doug Marrone is in his second season with the Jaguars.(Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

The Super Bowl is annually the most watched television event in the United States. Over 100 million people tuned in for Super Bowl LII this year. Jaguars coach Doug Marrone wasn’t one of them.

The 54-year-old coach, whose team was stopped on its drive to reach a Super Bowl by the Patriots in the AFC Championship, said on a conference call that he hasn’t watched a Super Bowl in many years.

Here’s the full exchange:

Q: You never watched the Super Bowl?

DM: No.

Q: Not even live?

DM: No.

Q: There’s like over 100 million people in the country that watch the Super Bowl.


DM: No, but I don’t watch it. I got a question about if I saw Coach, wasn’t it last year somebody asked me about did I watch Coach [Tom] Coughlin’s Super Bowls? I’m like, No. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t believe that.

Q: You never watch the Super Bowl live?

DM: No, I’m usually so pissed off I can’t handle it.

Q: Was that even more so the case because your team was so close last year?

DM: No, I just always said — hey, listen. I just don’t watch it. That’s all. I watch enough tape during the year.

Q: So, what was the last Super Bowl you did watch?

DM: Probably when I wasn’t coaching and I was allowed to gamble. Probably when I was like 12, when I had a little money on it. You guys write that. I’ll probably get [expletive] investigated.

Q: Wouldn’t watching the Super Bowl help you guys prepare for this week’s game?

DM: I think our defensive and offensive coaches obviously have watched it.

Marrone, a Bronx native, is also a Yankees fan. He ended his call by taking a friendly shot at the Red Sox.


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