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Dolphins coach Adam Gase compares impact of Danny Amendola to Wes Welker

Julio Cortez/Associated Press

After helping the Patriots reach multiple Super Bowls, a wide receiver left New England for a competitor. It’s a familiar sounding scenario.

Wes Welker did exactly that by joining the Patriots’ rivals, the Broncos, ahead of the 2013 season. Danny Amendola did it in 2018, signing with the Dolphins this offseason.

A comparison between the two isn’t hard to make. Both were 32 when they departed New England. And Dolphins coach Adam Gase has now worked with each player. He was the offensive coordinator in Denver in 2013, and recently compared the two wide receivers ahead of Miami’s trip to Gillette Stadium on Sunday.


“Danny, just seeing him every day in meetings and doing things the way that he does it and the intensity that he brings and everything he does has been great for our guys to witness,” said Gase. “It just makes me feel a little bit like when we got Wes in Denver, where our younger guys realize, ‘Wow, this guy really goes all out every rep in practice.’ Danny is the same way. I think those young guys feed off of that and see him work and that’s really rubbed off on our guys.”

Amendola has 11 catches for 100 yards in three games for the Dolphins, who are undefeated and lead the division over the 1-2 Patriots, Bills, and Jets.

Amendola was indifferent about returning to New England, where he played five seasons and won two Super Bowls, as an opponent.

“I have a lot of friends on every team, so this won’t be really much different,” he said. “I’m familiar with a lot of people in the organization. I’m excited to get up there.”

Amendola singled out preparation When asked what he took away from his time with the Patriots.

“Some of the things I learned there I’ll carry with me forever. What I’ve learned most is how to prepare for a game, what goes into the weekly routine leading into a game and sticking with that mold,” said Amendola. He then jokingly added, “I’m just using my preparation skills against them now.”


It will be Amendola’s first time playing against the Patriots. When asked about the reception he expects from the Gillette Stadium crowd, the clutch performer of the 2018 playoffs laughed.

“Well,” said Amendola, “we’ll see.”

The Patriots and Dolphins kickoff at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

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