Here are the highlights from Bill Belichick being mic’d up for Patriots-Packers

(Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff)

Patriots coach Bill Belichick had a lot to say during his team’s 31-17 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night.

The latest episode of Showtime’s “Inside of the NFL” captured some of Belichick’s candid moments on the sidelines, including his congratulatory messages to running back James White after he rushed 8 yards for New England’s first touchdown of the game — “That’s the way to get it in, bud, that’s the way to get it in” — and to quarterback Tom Brady after the Patriots took the lead in the fourth quarter — “Good job, Tommy.”


When Brady connected with wide receiver Josh Gordon for a 55-yard touchdown to give the Patriots a two-possession lead midway through the fourth, his pass looked like it could have been intended for either Gordon or wide receiver Julian Edelman. So, Belichick asked him point blank: “Who were you throwing that to?” Brady said, “Josh,” and Belichick sought Gordon out to shake his hand and tell him, “Nice job.”

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The episode also featured a heated exchange between Belichick and a referee over where the coach was standing on the sideline during the third quarter.

“Did you need something down there, coach?” the referee asked.

“I was maybe going to call a timeout,” Belichick said.

As the referee started to explain why his positioning may have been problematic, Belichick cut him off.

“No, I get this every week,” he said. “If you need a timeout, come on down and call it. So I came down here, I didn’t take it, and I moved back. I mean, come on, fellas.”

“I would have told you if I needed it, but I wanted to see what the formation was, and it was a [expletive] key play in the game,” Belichick continued. “Alright? I’m not going to [expletive] get down there and get in the way.”


Other highlights from the episode included Belichick’s energized pump-up speech about the importance of pass rush . . .

. . . his pre-game interactions with Red Sox manager Alex Cora and with 102-year-old World War II veteran Norman Taché, who served as New England’s honorary captain for the night; and his short exchange with quarterback Aaron Rodgers after the game.

“Great job,” Belichick said. “Good luck the rest of the way, man.”

“You’re the best,” said Rodgers.

“No, you are,” Belichick replied. “You are.”

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