The pros and cons of the jobs Josh McDaniels and Brian Flores interviewed for

Would Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels be a good fit in Green Bay? (JIM DAVIS/GLOBE STAFF)

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The questions and quizzes are over.

For now.

Josh McDaniels and Brian Flores are back focusing on the task at hand after spending the weekend talking about their futures.

McDaniels interviewed for the Packers’ head coaching job, while Flores had a loaded itinerary that included sitdowns with the Packers, Dolphins, Broncos, and Browns.

It’s the second straight season both of these Patriots assistants have interviewed for jobs during the playoff bye week.

Here’s a look at why each job might be perfect, and might not be so perfect for McDaniels and Flores:

McDaniels — Packers

Why it’s a good fit: Stability, Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers offer a stable franchise and front office that allows the coach the time to implement a plan and see it through. Mike McCarthy manned the sideline for 12-plus seasons before he was relieved of his duties.

McDaniels, a quarterback guru, would get the chance to work with Rodgers, one of the top slingers in football. McDaniels’s ability to come up with creative game plans could make this a difficult offense to stop.

Why it might not work: Rodgers.

Rodgers is a bit of a free spirit and freelancer. His laid-back personality might not jibe well with the fiery McDaniels, and he may have trouble sticking to the script.

Flores — Packers

Why it’s a good fit: Stability, Rodgers.

See McDaniels, above.

Why it might not work: The Sean McVay effect.

Teams seem to be trending toward young, offensive-minded coaches — hoping to copycat the success McVay has had with the Rams. Flores is a defensive specialist and when Rodgers is the face of your franchise, it’s important to have a strong offensive mind in place.

Flores — Dolphins

Why it’s a good fit: Familiarity.

Flores has been with the Patriots his entire professional career and knows the New England roster inside and out. Having game planned for the Dolphins for many years, he knows plenty about the talent on Miami’s roster, too. Would Flores jump ship to a division rival?

Why it might not work: Instability, Ryan Tannehill.

Adam Gase was fired after three seasons. And while he was under .500 (23-25), he made the playoffs once, beat the Patriots twice, and played without Tannehill for large chunks — including one full season. Pulling the trigger on him seemed unfair. Flores has to be wary of signing on with a team that constantly is starting over.

Then there’s Tannehill. One of the streakiest players in the league, there’s nothing in his body of work to suggest he’ll ever make the leap to elite level.

Flores — Broncos

Why it’s a good fit: Excellent defense, winning tradition.

Flores has seen plenty of Von Miller and has probably dreamed of designing schemes to unlock one of the league’s best pass rushers. Denver general manager John Elway is a proactive guy and will make the bold moves and spend the money to keep his team competitive.

Why it might not work: Too familiar?

The Broncos just released Vance Joseph after two seasons and his résumé looks very similar to Flores’s. Joseph is a defensive-minded coach who was a coordinator for just one season before the Broncos hired him. Elway might be leaning toward an offensive-minded coach this time.

Flores — Browns

Why it’s a good fit: Young stars, lots of salary-cap space.

Cleveland has its offensive and defensive leaders for the foreseeable future in quarterback Baker Mayfield and defensive end Myles Garrett. Flores is a young guy who can relate to young stars. He also has the quiet confidence to let everyone know who’s in charge.

Why it might not work: Gregg Williams, Mayfield.

General manager John Dorsey might want to stick with Williams, who went 5-3 after Hue Jackson was shown the door. Williams is an old-school, no-nonsense guy the players seemed to enjoy.

Mayfield is a cocky player who may not respond to a disciplinarian. If he decides to behave in the same edgy way in which he plays, it could cause problems.

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