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Last week, a 1997-98 Michael Jordan basketball card was sold on eBay for $350,100.

Just days later, a 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Rookie Ticket Tom Brady card, autographed by the Patriots quarterback, sold for $400,100, the culmination of a 10-day eBay auction.

PWCC Auctions, the marketplace that sold both the Jordan and Brady cards, described the Brady as “a world-class asset” and “certainly the most important modern football card ever to be auctioned publicly” in its listing.

Only 100 of the cards were produced, according to the item description.

PWCC Autions

The owner of the card mentioned that they might be interested in putting it on the market a few weeks back,” said PWCC CEO Brent Huigens. “We were obviously delighted to be able to feature it, so we geared up to run an auction.”


Beckett Grading Services, a Dallas-based grading company that specializes in collectibles such as trading cards, gave the card a 9/10 overall and a 10/10 on the autograph. It is one of only seven of the cards with a Beckett grade of 9. PWCC detailed specifics on the card’s value further in a five-minute YouTube video.

In February 2018, another one of the seven Brady cards with a 9/10 grade sold for $250,000.

“It’s a fun story, because I think the general public, their perception of trading cards is, aside from it being kind of a silly hobby, there’s not a perception of modern cards are worth a lot of money,” said Huigens.

“This is really testament to not only is there an investment in trading cards, but there’s modern cards worth an incredible amount of money.”

The name of the card serves as a bit of irony. At 5-11, the Patriots were not “Playoff Contenders,” and as the fourth-string quarterback, Brady was not a “Championship Rookie Ticket.

“The term ‘Championship Ticket’ has nothing to do with them being champions that year because they weren’t,” said Huigens. “Championship Ticket is the brand of the card manufacturer.”


The fact that Brady was not considered a star at the time probably contributes to the worth of the card now.

“I personally think these cards were either badly abused or discarded altogether over time because he wasn’t a phenom,” said Huigens.

“It’s just a rare issue, and the one that we sold is not only 1 of 100, it’s arguably the finest in the world. Of the 100 that exist, this was the best confirmed copy.

“It’s really what we call a ‘holy grail’ kind of a card — irreplaceable, best of the best of the greatest football player of all time, so it’s easy to see why its value is so high.”