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The Gronk Watch might not be over after all.

The morning after Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski announced that he was retiring from football, Peter King wrote in his Football Morning in America column that Gronkowski’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said he would not be shocked if the All-Pro tight end decided to come back sometime in 2019. King also added, though, that there is nothing to indicate that Gronkowski will return to the Patriots any time soon.

King relayed Rosenhaus’s version of the event leading up to Gronkowski’s announcement, beginning last Thursday when coach Bill Belichick contacted Rosenhaus to check on what Gronkowski’s plans were for next season. Rosenhaus then reached out to Gronkowski to say he should give the Patriots a decision soon. On Sunday, before posting his announcement on Instagram, Gronkowski called his agent and informed him of his decision.

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According to Rosenhaus, Gronkowski said, “It’s time. I just won another championship. I’m going out on top. I just want to do nothing for a while. I just want to be me. I just want to have fun.”

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King caught up with Rosenhaus at the annual NFL meetings in Phoenix Sunday night.

“I’m in a daze,” Rosenhaus told King. “Representing Rob was so much fun, something special. Such a great guy, and always the same. Always up. You try as an agent to do everything you can for your clients, and I asked Rob if there was anything I could do for him, if there was anything I could ask the Patriots to make his job better. He said no, there’s really not anything. Then I asked his dad, ‘You sure he wants to give up $10 million this year?’ He told me, ‘Drew, he’s got all the money he needs.’ ”


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