Another long-tenured Patriots employee is moving on this offseason.

National scout DuJuan Daniels is leaving for a senior executive position with the Raiders, a league source confirmed.

Daniels told the Patriots not long after the draft that he’d be looking into other job opportunities, and he ultimately landed in Oakland.

There’s usually job movement in the scouting ranks this time of year, since many scouting contracts begin or run out just after the draft. The Raiders sent several members of their scouting department home before this year’s draft, which indicated that their contracts would not be renewed and that new general manager Mike Mayock would be revamping the department.


Daniels started with the Patriots as a scouting intern in 2006 and rose up the ranks to area scout, regional scout, and national scout, a position he held for the last six years. He was the only national scout in the Patriots front office last season.

Daniels, like Mayock, went to Boston College. He is close with Brian Flores, another BC product who was with the Patriots in scouting and coaching before taking his current job as head coach of the Dolphins.

Daniels’s decision to look for jobs outside of New England may have been made not out of dissatisfaction but out of an understanding that his quickest path to a more senior role in a front office would come elsewhere.

Working for the Patriots provides scouts and younger coaches with an opportunity to learn from one of the most successful franchises in sports, but the culture is top-down. The team operates on a need-to-know basis, which sometimes curbs learning opportunities for those below the very highest levels.

Daniels’s ambition is to be an NFL general manager someday, and his new position likely offers more upward mobility toward that goal.

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