Patriots to add free and reduced-priced parking lots, but there’s a catch

The Patriots will offer free and reduced parking lots at Gillette Stadium this season.
The Patriots will offer free and reduced parking lots at Gillette Stadium this season.Jim Davis/Globe Staff/File


It’s a word that catches everyone’s attention and this season the Patriots are ready to give fans something at no charge: Parking at home games.

Like all good things, however, it comes only to those who wait.

Those attending games at Gillette Stadium this season can park for free by signing up for a spot in the delayed release lot — meaning you won’t be able to exit the area until 75 minutes after the game has ended. This is an expansion of a pilot program the team ran last year, and, for those familiar with the area, the free area is Lot 55 in the back of Lots 10 and 11.


The Patriots are the only team in the NFL to offer an on-site free parking lot. The obvious goal is to ease the postgame traffic logjam along Route 1.

If waiting isn’t your thing, there is additional good news as the Patriots are reducing public parking prices in approximately 75 percent of their spaces.

Lots on the southbound side of Route 1 (across from the stadium) will fall from $40 to $30. This is also where the free lot is located. However, lots on the northbound side of Route 1 will bump from $40 to $60 for the eight regular-season games. They will remain at $40 for the two upcoming exhibition games.

If you opt for a season pass for all 10 games, you will receive a 10 percent discount ($504) and a guaranteed spot no matter when you arrive for the game.

For information on how to sign up for either the free lot or to purchase a season pass, click here.

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