Tom Brady has thrown no shortage of passes over his two-decade career. But which are his best?

While making an appearance on WEEI Monday, Brady asked the hosts to give him what they viewed as his best, and Brady gave his thoughts.

“There were a lot to [Randy] Moss,” Brady said. “There were some to Donte Stallworth. Some to David Patten.”

None of those three receivers were mentioned in the throws the show went over with Brady, however.

First, Brady was asked about his 2003, 82-yard overtime winner to Troy Brown in Miami.

“That was a great throw,” Brady said. “That’s definitely in the top 10.”


Then, a last-second, red-zone throw to Kenbrell Thompkins in the back left corner of the end zone that erased a 27-23 deficit and beat the Saints in 2013.

“Ah, you know, that was kind of more of, in my view, a poor defensive play,” Brady said. “That wasn’t a spectacular throw. But it was a great throw.”

Brady asked them to keep rolling. “This is fun,” he said.

They mentioned a fourth-quarter touchdown throw Brady made to Rob Gronkowski in the 2015 AFC Championship game against Denver, which New England ended up losing. Gronkowski caught the pass on 4th and 10, with two safeties in tight coverage. The catch kept the Patriots’ hopes of a victory alive as they trailed 20-12 with 1:28 remaining.

“Yeah that was a great throw,” Brady said.

The throw to Brandon LaFell in the end zone to win the 2014 Divisional game against the Ravens didn’t warrant the same response.

“No, I don’t think so,” Brady said. “That wasn’t up there.”

Then, Brady offered a couple of his own.

“There was a cool one I threw to Brandon Tate against the Minnesota Vikings,” Brady said. “I scrambled, and then I just turned around and threw it to Brandon Tate. It was at home, and Brett Favre was the quarterback. He caught it and ran for a long touchdown. That was a pretty cool play.”


It was a 65-yard touchdown in 2010 that gave the Patriots the lead over Minnesota midway through the third.

The next one Brady offered was a completion after falling down against the Bengals. Brady threw from the ground and hit Patrick Pass for seven yards in the third quarter of a 2004, Week 14 home game.

“That was pretty good too,” Brady said.

Brady plans to keep adding to the list. He wouldn’t mind adding a left-handed pass or a no-look, a la Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“I am working on those, Brady said, “so those might be in the repertoire this year.”

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