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Tom Brady more upbeat as Patriots prepare to face Cowboys

Tom Brady flashed his familiar smile Wednesday, quite a change after Sunday’s postgame news conference.
Tom Brady flashed his familiar smile Wednesday, quite a change after Sunday’s postgame news conference.Steven Senne/Associated Press/Associated Press

FOXBOROUGH — Tom Brady held the door for several reporters before hopping onto the platform and jumping behind the podium Wednesday afternoon.

Told that his gesture was chivalrous and courteous, Brady grinned and said, “Three sisters.’’

It was the first of several smiles flashed by the quarterback, who called a last-minute audible and moved his weekly meeting with reporters up by a couple of days.

Brady’s mood was in sharp contrast to the last time he was in front of the cameras. On Sunday, the quarterback appeared disappointed and despondent following the rock-fight 17-10 win over the Eagles.

Where his answers were curt in Philadelphia, Brady was more expansive Wednesday as he seemed to put the game in the rearview mirror, saying, “Our whole season is in front of us.’’


When asked in the aftermath of the Eagles win if he was concerned about the offense or if he thought it would improve, a dour Brady said, “I don’t think it matters what I think, it matters what we do.’’

Faced with a similar question Wednesday about his confidence level that they could persevere through the current grind, Brady was much more upbeat.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s like I said, it’s great to be 9-1 but we just have high expectations for what we’re doing as an offense. We’re just trying to figure out how we can do things consistently [and] with dependability, and guys are working hard at it,’’ he said. “Sometimes it comes together early, middle of the season, late in the season, and, you know, the only thing that matters really is this week and trying to be a really good football team.

“So, I don’t know what shape it’s going to take this particular week as the game unfolds and you kind of see what the challenge is they’re presenting. Sometimes you have a great plan and then they change everything and you’ve got to change everything. It’s just the way it goes. You have a plan and you try to adjust over the course of the game, but, you know, the goal is the same — it’s to, as an offense, go out there and score points and not go out there and run a bunch of plays and be ineffective. We’re working hard to try to be as effective as we can and, as you know, every team has different matchups and it’s different challenges over the course of the season with guys being in and out of practice. But, our whole season is ahead of us.’’


Despite the offense’s struggles, Brady said he doesn’t feel like there’s any extra burden on his shoulders to fix everything himself.

“I feel like the quarterback’s job is to do whatever you can to help the team win the game and score some points,’’ he said. “So, however you end up doing it — running the ball, throwing it 50 times, throwing to the receivers, throwing to the tight ends, backs, whatever we’ve got to do to win. I think, over 20 years, we’ve done a lot of different things and we’ll try to find some different things this year.’’

The Patriots haven’t had great stability in their receiving corps at any point this season, and there could be more upheaval for Sunday’s game against the Cowboys as both Mohamed Sanu (ankle) and Phillip Dorsett (concussion) missed Wednesday’s practice.


Also, Julian Edelman was limited because of a shoulder injury.

“The guys who are in there this week, whoever it will be, I don’t know who it will be yet, we’ll try to do it to the best of our ability,’’ Brady said.

As far as planning for this week, the Northern California native called it “a big, big challenge” to beat a team he has never really been fond of.

“I’ve really not liked the Cowboys since coming out of the womb as a Niner fan,’’ Brady said with a smile. “But, no I’ve got a lot of respect for those guys and they’ve actually had a great, winning organization. They’ve got a lot of great players in their history.’’

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