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NFL reportedly ‘showing frustration’ in Patriots videotaping investigation

Bill Belichick has denied a connection between the video production team and the football oeprations department.John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

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After it was revealed earlier in December that David Mondillo, an employee of Kraft Sports and Entertainment, was caught videotaping the Bengals sideline, the NFL began an investigation into the incident.

At the core of the investigation is whether or not there is any link between what Kraft Sports and Entertainment does (in filming football-related documentaries) and the Patriots’ football operation. If such a connection was established, it would potentially incriminate Bill Belichick and his staff, who have repeatedly denied any link.


According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the league has stepped up interviews with Patriots employees, and has reportedly “collected devices from certain individuals” as part of the investigation effort.

However, Florio said that there has been no established connection to this point.

“I’m told that some of the people that were interviewed sensed that maybe there’s some frustration because they’re not finding that link yet between the video crew and football operations,” said Florio.

There’s still a chance that the Patriots could be punished by commissioner Roger Goodell even without the investigation successfully connecting the video crew to the operations side of the team, though Florio believes it will be “minimal.” Goodell has stated previously that New England’s history of videotaping (and being punished for it) would be a “factor” in his decision making.

The league has not indicated how long the investigation will go on for, or when a conclusion on the matter will be reached.

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