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MIAMI — It was the calm before the tropical storm — also known as Super Bowl LIV — that will hit this city Sunday evening.

After an unseasonable cold snap gripped the area last week, South Florida returned to its balmy ways — no more puffer vests needed along Ocean Drive. No more frozen iguanas falling from the palm trees along A1A and thawing out on city sidewalks.


While the Chiefs and 49ers touched down in the Magic City, most of the media that will invade the area had yet to arrive, as evidenced by the lack of action going on around Radio Row, normally the epicenter of Super Bowl hype.

In fact, the few programs that were broadcasting live were not discussing football; rather, the Kobe Bryant tragedy was the dominant topic.

Things will heat up considerably Monday, when the Super Bowl’s “Opening Night” will be held at Marlins Park. Formerly known as “Media Night,” when reporters got to gather stories for the week, “Opening Night” has become more of sideshow at which people dressed as everything from brides to clowns engage in shouting matches to get players’ attention, autographs, and selfies.

Let the games begin.

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