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Scott Pioli rips speculative process around Tom Brady’s future

Scott Pioli, who spent several seasons working with the Patriots, says that when it comes to speculating about Tom Brady’s future, no one knows anything.Barry Chin

Former Patriots personnel chief Scott Pioli says that when it comes to Tom Brady’s future, it’s time to stop overanalyzing every little thing the quarterback does.

“What’s going to happen with Tom? I don’t know,” he said. “It’s so funny, every day I open up the Internet and there’s this new story, and I’m watching how many people are getting traction out of Tommy’s life and his story,” he said. ”It’s just so funny how every last thing is put under the microscope, and how much people want to speculate.”

The quarterback is set to become a free agent for the first time in his professional career next month, which has touched off a wave of speculation about where he might be in 2020.


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Pioli, who worked in New England from 2000 through 2008 (the last seven years as the vice president of player personnel), said he’s been in touch with Brady, but he doesn’t know where the quarterback is going. He added that when it comes to people looking for clues about his future -- whether it’s a cryptic socal media post, a throwaway statement, or something else -- people are looking for signs of something that probably just isn’t there.

“Honestly, when I was on the other side -- meaning not doing media stuff, on the football side, -- this was the kind of stuff that drove me crazy when you’re with a club,” he said. “Because, not only as an executive or a coach or an assistant coach or as a player … no matter what Tommy does, people are looking at it as ‘It’s a sign of something.’ Not everything in life is a sign of what you might be doing.”


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