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Jackie Bradley Jr. went 1-for-2 with a pair of walks, extending his hitting streak to 22 games. It remains to be seen how long he’s able to extend this streak, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Bradley has established himself as a major league hitter with likely sustainable batting skill.

Bradley is the 10th Red Sox hitter to run off a streak of hits in at least 20 straight games since 2000. Here’s a look at the career batting average and OPS+ for each of the other nine players.

Longest Red Sox hitting streaks, 2000-16
10 players have had hitting streaks of at least 20 games since 2000.
Player Hitting streak Career average Career OPS+
Johnny Damon 29 (2005) .284 104
David Ortiz 27 (2012-13) .285 140
Manny Ramirez 27 (2006), 22 (2002-03) .312 154
Nomar Garciaparra 26 (2003), 21 (2000-01) .313 124
Dustin Pedroia 25 (2011) .299 115
Victor Martinez 25 (2009) .302 124
Kevin Youkilis 23 (2007) .281 123
Jackie Bradley Jr. 22+ (2016) .233 89
Jacoby Ellsbury 22 (2009) .288 105
Todd Walker 20 (2003) .289 98
SOURCE: Baseball-Reference.com

It appears that the ability to collect hits in 20 straight games is a testament to a broader ability to hit for average and to be, at the least, a solid offensive performer. That’s not a guarantee – it’s worth noting that the longest hitting streak of the decade was a 33-gamer by Dan Uggla, a career .241 hitter (with a 107 OPS+ in his career). Even so, of the 37 players who have posted a hitting streak of 20 or more games since 2010, 31 have career averages of .270 or better, and 30 have a career OPS+ of 100 or better.


In other words, focusing on a .250 average is no longer a sensible standard for Bradley’s offensive production. At the least, in his bursts of exceptional productivity (both last August/September and during this streak), he’s shown the ability to produce at a level that rarely appears for players who aren’t at least solid/league-average offensive performers over their careers.

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