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Red Sox rookie Andrew Benintendi makes outstanding catch

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Red Sox left fielder Andrew Benintendi leaped over the left-field wall in the eighth inning in an attempt to make a catch — one he made successfully.USA Today Sports

Chalk one up for Red Sox rookie Andrew Benintendi.

In the eighth inning against Tampa Bay Monday night, the outfielder made a crazy catch of a would-be home run by Steven Souza Jr.

Benintendi tumbled over the left-field wall at Tropicana Field, legs barely keeping him in the field of play — but emerging successfully with the baseball tucked in his glove.

The catch was somewhat reminiscent of Torii Hunter's attempt to catch David Ortiz's home run in the 2013 ALCS, except this was successful.

Benintendi received a standing ovation from the Tampa crowd on his way back to the dugout at the end of the inning.


Watch: Andrew Benintendi’s catch

Photos: Benintendi’s catch, step by step

Benintendi got a good jump on the ball and raced toward the wall.USA Today Sports
The outfielder leaped to make a play on the ball.Joseph Garnett Jr.
Benintendi’s legs dangled over the wall. All the time, he kept possession of the ball.USA Today Sports
Jackie Bradley Jr. congratulated his teammate on making the spectacular grab.USA Today Sports