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Kenneth Bone (center) at the second presidential debate.
Kenneth Bone (center) at the second presidential debate. AP

Who was the bright spot in Sunday night’s debate?

Ken Bone was the winner, judging by the online reaction Sunday night and into Monday.

On Monday afternoon, Bone’s reward continued when Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly offered him free tickets to tonight’s playoff game at Fenway Park.

Bone asked the candidates about energy policy during the debate, and social media seemed to not only appreciate his question but his look as well. Bone wore a comfortable red sweater and has a mustache and glasses.

Kelly indicated he’s in Bone’s fan club with a tweet:

Then Kelly followed that up with an offer of free tickets:


The Red Sox confirmed that Kelly made the offer, but Bone was not expected to attend. Still, Kelly may have been thinking the red sweater was a good-luck omen for the Red Sox, who are down 0-2 in the best-of-five series against the Indians and must win the three remaining games.