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Steve Lyons’s absence from NESN is due to domestic battery charge

Red Sox analyst Steve Lyons has not appeared on recent NESN telecasts.Courtesy of New England Sports Network

Former Red Sox utilityman and current NESN analyst Steve Lyons has been missing from Red Sox telecasts in recent weeks because he’s dealing with a domestic battery charge after an incident at his Hermosa Beach, Calif., home in January.

Lyons was arrested and charged with domestic battery assault and would likely go to trial in September if attempts to have the charges dismissed are not successful.

A redacted police report provided by the Hermosa Beach police does not include the name of Lyons’s girlfriend or the particulars of the assault. The arresting officer wrote in the report that the girlfriend suffered injuries to her face.


Lyons’s attorney, Richard A. Hutton of Los Angeles, said he expects Lyons “to be completely 100 percent vindicated” of the charges.

“His girlfriend, Stacey, told authorities within 36 hours of the incident that he had never struck her or touched her in an offensive way. And we expect him to be vindicated either prior to trial or if it goes to a jury trial,” Hutton said.

Hutton said he is filing pretrial motions, expected to be heard later this month, to have the case dismissed.

Hutton emphasized that the police report was based on the information of a friend of Lyons’s girlfriend who was at the house at the time of the Jan. 14 incident. The police report indicated there was some verbal sparring going on and that it escalated into something physical, but the friend never witnessed it according to Hutton.

Hutton emphasized that Lyons “never laid a hand on her.”

“Steve and Stacey have been together since the incident,” Hutton said.

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