Sign was brought into Fenway via backpack, Red Sox president says

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

This banner briefly hung from the left field wall in the fourth inning Wednesday.

By Brandan Blom Globe Correspondent  

The people who draped a sign over Fenway Park’s Green Monster during Wednesday’s Red Sox game snuck the sign past security in a backpack, according to Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy.

Kennedy appeared on WEEI Thursday afternoon to discuss the sign and the Red Sox’ handling of the situation.


“It was stuffed in a backpack, we actually know from our security folks,” Kennedy said. “It’s concerning anytime you have a sign that can be that large and make its way in.”

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The demonstrators were escorted out of the ballpark after being interviewed by security. The Red Sox sign policy allows fans to bring signs into the ballpark as long as they don’t disturb other fan’s enjoyment of the game and aren’t affixed to the stadium. But according to Kennedy, the consequence for violating the sign policy is handled on a sign-by-sign basis.

“They will be treated differently,” Kennedy said. “There’s a big difference between engaging in hate speech or vulgar offensive language and a sign that says ‘go Dustin Pedroia’ or ‘I love you Andrew Benintendi.’”

Despite the challenges team security faces in differentiating between a blanket and a sign, the Red Sox are not looking to switch to a clear bag policy like the one implemented by the Patriots.

“At the league level there has been discussion of a clear bag policy, we have not gone there yet just because of the fan amenity,” Kennedy said. “We’ve got 81 games opposed to a 10-game schedule, we really want to try to do everything we can for the 99.9 percent of fans who are coming here just to enjoy a ballgame.”


“Folks enjoy bringing a backpack with whatever personal items they have. That said, we check them, we wand them, they go through metal detectors, we tag bags so security knows those bags have been pre-screened, but we have looked at the clear bag policy. This has not been a huge issue for us. From time to time it’s happened and when it does happen we deal with it,” he said.