World Series title in hand, Alex Cora can turn attention to Red Sox

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Alex Cora, the outgoing Astros bench coach, basked in the championship late Wednesday night.

By Globe Staff 

LOS ANGELES — The new Red Sox manager has a new World Series ring.

“I’m ready to come to Boston — but not till after the parade!’’ Alex Cora said Wednesday night as he stood on the infield dirt of Dodger Stadium after the Astros won the World Series in seven games.


Cora’s first interview since being named manager of the Red Sox was conducted late that night (Thursday morning Boston time) while family and friends of the Astros celebrated the first championship for a franchise born in 1962.

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“It’s amazing,” said Cora, the Astros bench coach, who was named Red Sox manager Oct. 22. “I started with the Dodger organization in 1996 and always wanted to win a World Series. It just happened with a different organization.’’

Cora said he had been communicating daily with Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski while the Astros played their epic World Series vs. Los Angeles. Now that the Astros have won, Cora is free to devote all of his attention to the Red Sox.

David J. Phillip/AP

During the Series, Cora maintained daily contact with the Red Sox.

Asked if it was strange to be named manager of the Red Sox while still working for the Astros in the World Series, and not being allowed to talk about it, Cora said, “I’ve been good about that. Everybody was pulling for me. Everybody understood the situation and everybody respected the situation.

“I’ve been telling these players, ‘I want to win one with you guys. And then next year we kick your ass!’


“This is amazing,’’ added Cora, who managed the Puerto Rico team in the World Baseball Classic last spring. “I was talking to Carlos Beltran and Carlos Correa, and said, ‘Our year started here this year in the WBC.’

“We didn’t finish the job there, but now we’re able to do this. I’m very happy for Carlos Beltran. I know how much it means to him. For the people back home to see Correa with that [Puerto Rican] flag, that means a lot. It’s amazing.

“This whole year has been great. I got to be GM of the team in winter ball. The Caribbean Series, we won. The WBC, we didn’t win, but people loved that team. And now as a bench coach, it’s too much.

“My twins are here. My daughter. We went to Fenway Park. Yankee Stadium. Now this. The Red Sox. Come on!’’

Cora did not know when he would land in Boston for his introductory press conference.

“Dave talked to me the last few days and said, ‘Do what you’ve got to do. Enjoy it. You deserve it, and then we move on.’ ”


Asked how often he’s been talking with Dombrowski, Cora answered, “We talk every other hour.’’

Asked if he was aware that the Sox were about to name Tony La Russa as a special assistant, he said, “I don’t know. Today was a slow day for us. [Dombrowski] said, ‘Take the day. You’ve got a lot of important things going on.’ ’’

Like winning the World Series.

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