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Puerto Rico-bound this weekend, Alex Cora looks forward to celebrating with friends and family

Alex Cora waved the flag of his native Puerto Rico during the Red Sox parade Wednesday. Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Red Sox manager Alex Cora on Thursday talked about his plans for heading back to his hometown of Caguas, Puerto Rico. He will be going on Saturday with some of the Red Sox players.

“I don’t know how many will go. There’s a few,” said Cora. “Obviously Christian [Vazquez] is going, Eddie [Rodriguez] is going. There’s people flying home, but it should be fun. We’re flying in Saturday.”

Cora is trying to manage expectations for when he gets back home.

“I’m trying to cut it off. I know how people back home, when they do it, they do it right and long. We’re just going over the details, but it should be fun,” he said. “They’re expecting a lot of people. They’ll treat these guys with a lot of food and beverages.”


He wants to include his friends and family in the World Series celebration.

“Just show the people from back home that they’re part of it. It should be a cool day,” said Cora. “To be able to wear shorts and T-shirts again, that would be great.”

The manager is hoping to limit the activity to Caguas.

“I actually talked to the governor after we won,” said Cora. “He’s a fan actually. He went to school here. I think he went to Harvard. I said, ‘We’ll go to San Juan whenever you feel like it later on, but let me get home first and enjoy it with the people from my hometown.’ ”

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