Nick Cafardo readers pay their respects

Boston Globe sports writer Nick Cafardo.
Boston Globe sports writer Nick Cafardo.The Boston Globe

Following the death of Boston Globe baseball writer Nick Cafardo on Thursday, many Globe readers paid tribute to him in the comments section of stories about his passing.

■  Cml75: “The relationship between fans and a writer and man like Nick is hard to explain. Nick connected so many to the sport and team they love, and he did it brilliantly. I trusted everything he said. Everything. Everyone who loves baseball and the Sox feels this deeply.”

Msusox: “What a great writer and guy! You could sense Nick was the kind of guy you’d like to hang out with at the ballpark and listen to stories. He will be missed.”


■  Parce7: “Nick was great about responding to emails about his stories. Always thoughtful, even to strangers like myself. A great human being and certainly a Hall of Fame reporter.”

■  DiscoStu01: “Nick was a pro. A craftsman. He was accurate and fair. I read every one of his stories. There’s no end to the superlatives. I’ll miss him. Wish I’d have met him. Thanks for honoring your craft, Nick.”

■  jkjkjk: “So sad but a life well lived. He lived his passion which was baseball. I will miss his eloquence. He was a special man.”

■   Ogtitel: “Seeing ‘Cafardo’ attached to a headline was the easiest click of the day. For years.”

■  NufCedKid: “I’ve spent a lifetime paying probably too much attention to Boston sports, and over the past 30 or so years you can probably count on 2 hands the amount of days that I completely missed reading the great Globe sports section. Writers like Nick gave us blood-thirsty fans everything we needed to get from game to game and season to season. Nick will be greatly missed. What a shock.”

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■  Eyeshooter: “Nick was why I would get in the car every Sunday @ 7 am and drive to our village store to get the Globe. The kids loved it because I always brought home 2 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. They would have their cookies and I would have my Sports section with a cup of coffee and a guaranteed baseball article, regardless of the season. The kids grew up and an online subscription replaced the drive, but I still saved Nick’s article until last as it was always my favorite. Thanks, Nick. Sundays just lost some of their glimmer.”

■   User_3008127: “Feels like a friend has passed. He was that good.”

■   Padraig02169: “I have been reading Nick’s columns for decades, back to his days at the Patriot Ledger. He was a reasonable man who clearly loved Boston and its passionate fans. Above all else he was a beautiful writer whose columns were always a joy to read. His was always the first thing I read every Sunday morning in the Boston Globe and I feel like I have lost a friend today. Rest in peace, Mr. Cafardo.”

■   Harpo Marx: “As the old Irish would say, I am sorry for your troubles. Simple words, but ones that express simply that there are no words that can convey how sad one feels about the death of a loved one. I feel like I have lost a brother. Rest in Peace Nick.”


Roses were placed at Nick Cafardo’s press box seat at JetBlue Park on Friday.
Roses were placed at Nick Cafardo’s press box seat at JetBlue Park on Friday.Barry Chin/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

■   Movieland: “ ‘Did you read Cafardo’s column?’ A staple of conversation with my Dad.”

■   Soxnox: “Have been reading baseball writers since 1941; NY, Sporting News, Washington, Boston . . . any paper I could get my hands on . . . nobody better than Nick. First read him in the Ledger in ’78 . . . so happy for him when he went to the Globe. Sunday BB Notes were always special reading. He was a gem. Thank you, Dan, for the loving tribute. A very sad morning. RIP, Nick.”

■   User_1700434: “Nick it doesn’t seem possible that you are gone. I am glad that you were with the team you loved. Love and peace to the Cafardo family.”

■   lone ranger: “This is the last thing I wanted to read. A man, taken at the very heart at what he loved.”

■   Arcadia215: “He is going to be missed by more than just his family and friends. I loved his Sunday columns. I always took notes and used what I learned from him for my baseball fantasy league picks.”

■   Lsdad: “May he rest in peace. What enormous pleasure we all derived through the years from his skill and his sincere dedication.”

■   Beantown857: “We will miss you Nick. Sundays will never be the same . . . Deepest condolences to the Cafardo family.”

■   Cobalt Thunder: “Truly shocking! Nick was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, humorous, and down to earth. He will be sorely missed. Condolences to his family.”

■   CMHopkins: “Dan, I never met Mr. Cafardo but I was an avid reader, lived for the Sunday notes. Every once in a while I would send him an email asking a question. He would ALWAYS answer, usually on the same day. He never spoke down to me and extremely cordial. Sorry for your loss. RIP Nick”


■   BoysWillBeBoys: “I remember reading Nick’s tribute to Will McDonough when he passed many years ago. Will vouched for Nick when he was looking to move from the Patriot Ledger to the Globe. I grew up on Nick’s journalism at the Ledger . . . what a shock. And loss for his family and all of us.”