The Red Sox have arranged to get David Ortiz back to Boston, possibly as soon as Monday night, Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy said at a news conference at Fenway Park Monday afternoon. He will be treated at Mass General Hospital.

“Our medical team here in Boston and the doctors in the Dominican Republic have confirmed that David’s condition is serious, but that he is stable enough to be transported back to Boston for continued care,” said Kennedy.

The club has arranged a medical air ambulance to transport Ortiz to Boston from Santo Domingo. The Red Sox did not have any new updates on his condition.


Kennedy was asked about Ortiz’s impact on the city in the days after the Boston Marathon bombing.

“We all remember that in 2013 when we needed David Ortiz the most, he was there for us in late April. And so it’s appropriate and expected that this community would rally around David when he needs us the most,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy got emotional when he was asked about how the news affected him Ortiz.

“It’s an emotional time. I love David Ortiz. We all love David Ortiz. So telling my kids what happened last night what had happened was really difficult,” said Kennedy. “But you have to put those emotions aside and focus on what’s neccesary at this moment.”

Manager Alex Cora talked about his friendship with Ortiz.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora paused Monday afternoon before speaking to the media about David Ortiz.
Red Sox manager Alex Cora paused Monday afternoon before speaking to the media about David Ortiz.Screenshot via NBC live video

“This guy is bigger than life,” said Cora. “That vibe he brought in on a daily basis to those teams, and what he brings any time I see him, that smile.

“He’ll give you a hug, a big smile. He does it with everybody. He does it with my daughter, my kids, so, it’s been a tough one. I just hope when he gets here, he’s fine, and we can see that big man again with us and filling a room with joy.


It marked the first time members of the organization’s leadership spoke to the media since news broke of the shooting of Ortiz in the Dominican Republic Sunday night.

Ortiz was shot in the back at the Dial Bar and Lounge in the Dominican capital city of Santo Domingo. He was hit by a bullet on his right side, according to a person briefed by his medical team. He experienced limited blood loss and is in stable condition. But part of his colon was removed, and he also suffered injuries to his gallbladder and limited damage to his liver, according to the person.

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