Yvonne Abraham

Yvonne Abraham grew up in Sydney, Australia, and has been working at the Globe since 1999. She has covered national and local politics, immigration, and just about everything else over those years.

She has been a Metro columnist since 2007. She writes about local and national politics, the people who make Boston Boston, the ways in which big, abstract decisions affect the lives of actual people (especially women), and whatever else catches her eye.

Latest stories

Stan Rosenberg says his spouse didn’t interfere in Senate affairs

By Michael Levenson , Globe Staff

The state Senate president said he will cooperate fully with an investigation launched by his colleagues.

Yvonne Abraham

‘They can’t ignore this anymore’

By , Globe Columnist

The response to the revelations on Beacon Hill was swift and dramatic, with the governor and attorney general calling the allegations shocking and disturbing, and urging an investigation.

Rosenberg ‘devastated’ over allegations against husband

By and , Globe Staff

Senate president Stan Rosenberg said Friday that he was shocked and heartbroken by allegations that his husband sexually assaulted and harassed four men.

Four men allege sexual misconduct by Senate president’s husband

By , Globe Staff

Four men told the Globe that Bryon Hefner, who is married to Senate President Stan Rosenberg, sexually assaulted and harassed them over the past few years.