Infographics Artist

James Abundis

Abundis is a visual journalist at the Globe. He creates print and online visuals for breaking news and news features stories on a variety of topics. He has been a graphic editor at The Arizona Republic, USA Today, and The Desert Sun in Palm Springs.

Latest stories

Map: How the Nice attack unfolded

By , Globe Staff

A Frenchman of Tunisian descent drove a little over a mile into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day, killing at least 84 people.

2016 Copa America group stage schedule

By , Globe Staff

A look at the groups and the schedules for all teams for the first stage of the tournament.

2016 Copa America group standings

By , Globe Staff

A look at records within the four groups in the 2016 Copa America tournament.

Your guide to a brokered convention

By , Globe Staff

If the primaries and caucuses don’t produce a definitive victor, the Republican presidential candidate may be chosen by a few thousand insiders.