Evan Allen

Evan Allen joined the Globe in 2011 as a freelance reporter covering the suburbs. She joined the staff in 2013, and has covered police, breaking news, and major events including the Boston Marathon bombings. She has also done investigative and narrative projects.

Allen is now a member of the newsroom’s narrative team, where she focuses on crime.

Latest stories

After family outcry, sick vet gets room at VA hospital

By and Felicia Gans , Globe Staff

A sick Navy veteran in desperate need of specialized care in Boston spent days in limbo in a hospital in Bangor, his family says.

At Peace-B-Que, city children imagine a kinder, gentler world

By , Globe Staff

The “Peace Play” sandbox aimed to help children and adults alike imagine their world and their troubles differently.

Walsh highlights housing, jobs, and veterans’ homelessness in campaign kickoff

By , Globe Staff

“What I try to do is change people’s lives every day,” Mayor Walsh said from a stage at Florian Hall.

Desperate opioid users are pawns in lucrative insurance fraud scheme

By David Armstrong and , STAT

Opioid users, desperate to break their addiction, are pawns in a sprawling national network of insurance fraud, a STAT-Boston Globe investigation has found.