John L. Allen Jr.

John L. Allen Jr. is associate editor at the Globe, specialized in coverage of the Vatican and the Catholic Church. He also serves as senior Vatican analyst for CNN, and was for 16 years a correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter. He’s the author of nine books on the Vatican and Catholic affairs, and is also a popular speaker on Catholic affairs both in the United States and internationally. Veteran religion writer Kenneth Woodward of Newsweek described Allen as “the journalist other reporters – and not a few cardinals – look to for the inside story on how all the pope’s men direct the world’s largest church.”

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Vatican financial reform: The nasty is back

By , Globe Staff

Also: Francis lifts up the Catholic “Eliot Ness” on sexual abuse, pre-synod shots across the bow, and a pope who kept his word.

john l. allen jr. | all things catholic

Reverse déjà vu’ shapes Pope Francis’s image

By , Globe Staff

The narrative of Francis as a progressive reformer is becoming so set in stone as to be beyond rethinking or nuance.

O’Malley says cardinals more open to reform

By , Globe Staff

O’Malley said that a prior climate of denial among Catholic cardinals has been largely driven underground.

John L. Allen Jr. | all things catholic

Pope’s seeming polarities show his consistency

By , Globe Staff

Plus, the College of Cardinals becomes a global village, and Vatican money in context.