Steve Annear

Steve Annear is a reporter for A graduate of Roger Williams University, Annear previously worked at, and the Boston Metro newspaper. He is perhaps best known for unearthing “The Baby Wheel” guys, tracking down a wayward manatee that was stranded in Cape Cod waters, and explaining how a seal got into the Charles River from the harbor.

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These third graders’ cute restaurant reviews are being shut down by Yelp over a terms-of-service violation

By , Globe Staff

The Boston teacher who runs the two accounts was informed that she violated the website’s Terms of Service, because the content isn’t her own. Still, she’s sad to see it go.

‘REWARD!’: Student scrambling to get back heirloom bedframe plucked from the curbside

By , Globe Staff

It was a family heirloom passed down through generations, and has sentimental value, he said.

Sorry, you can’t jump into the Charles River this summer during the community swim event

By , Globe Staff

The Charles River Conservancy is putting the event on hold and instead making the design of a seasonal swim facility its top priority.

Cyclist finds thumbtacks faceup in Newton bike lane, warns others to watch out

By , Globe Staff

“This makes me sad,” the cyclist wrote. “Do bikes riding in a bike lane on a nice wide street really bother you that much?”