Steve Annear

Steve Annear is a reporter for A graduate of Roger Williams University, Annear previously worked at, and the Boston Metro newspaper. He is perhaps best known for unearthing “The Baby Wheel” guys, tracking down a wayward manatee that was stranded in Cape Cod waters, and explaining how a seal got into the Charles River from the harbor.

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This seal’s name is ‘Giseal Bündchen’ and it’s being set free on Cape Cod

By , Globe Staff

The harbor seal pup, named after supermodel Gisele Bündchen, was found abandoned by its mother on a Maine beach in the summer.

Options limited to deal with Bridgewater’s aggressive turkeys

By , Globe Staff

Officials say state law doesn’t allow for the removal of the ornery birds, and Bridgewater isn’t alone in feeling as though the town’s hands are tied.

18 arrested at protest of Springfield man’s deportation to Guatemala

By , Globe Staff

Lucio Perez, a Guatemalan, arrived illegally in 1999, after fleeing violence in his homeland. He is to be deported Thursday, leaving his wife and children behind.

Couple whose puppy was shot and killed ‘heartened’ by support

By , Globe Staff

Someone in Maine even offered to give them a new dog.