Steve Annear

Steve Annear is a reporter for A graduate of Roger Williams University, Annear previously worked at, and the Boston Metro newspaper. He is perhaps best known for unearthing “The Baby Wheel” guys, tracking down a wayward manatee that was stranded in Cape Cod waters, and explaining how a seal got into the Charles River from the harbor.

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People are going crazy — again — over this giant ‘triple mural’ on Worcester’s Hanover Theatre

By , Globe Staff

It was first completed a few months ago. But after the artist, Insane51, posted a video of his work this week on Instagram, the mural gained renewed attention.

Sherborn church puts out empty school chairs to remember victims of Parkland shooting

By , Globe Staff

The somber display marks the first anniversary of the deadly massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year.

‘Will You Accept this Prose?’ Go on a blind date with a book this Valentine’s Day

By , Globe Staff

Independent bookstores and local libraries are embracing the trend of getting people to take a chance on reading a random book for the holiday.