Mark Arsenault

Mark Arsenault covers casino development and gambling issues for The Boston Globe. He joined the newspaper in 2010 in the Washington, D.C., bureau, where he covered national politics and the U.S. Congress. He has worked at newspapers in New England since 1989, including 10 years at The Providence Journal.

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Globe editor did not violate anti-harassment policy, investigators find

By , Globe staff

Investigators hired by The Boston Globe have concluded that Brian McGrory did not violate the newspaper’s anti-harassment policy in text exchanges with a former writer and editor.

With Kavanaugh’s nomination, the focus is on precedent — and on Roe v. Wade

By , Globe Staff

With Roe v. Wade a hot-button issue, Brett Kavanaugh’s views on judicial precedent will get great scrutiny as he moves through the Supreme Court confirmation process.

For Democrats, justice’s retirement is the cruelest twist

By , Globe Staff

For political liberals, this was precisely the week they feared back on Election Night in 2016.

Secrets of a Lost Girl

By , Globe Staff

Alexandra Valoras showed every outward sign of success and promise, a star at school, beloved at home. She revealed nothing of her inner anguish, except in her diary — a chronicle of scathing self-criticism and growing desperation that her parents chose to share so that other families might learn from their loss.