Lesley Becker

Becker is a designer for the Globe. She previously worked as Art Director of Pittsburgh Magazine and as Assistant Art Director, News Projects at the Dallas Morning News. Her work has been recognized by SND, SPD, POY, CRMA and Print Magazine.

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Capital Quiz: Third-party candidates edition


No third-party presidential candidate has reached the White House in the modern era. See how many you remember.

Lexicon: ‘bolero jacket’


Much has been made of Sarah Palin’s mesmerizing and bewildering endorsement of Donald Trump last week — her trademark syntax, her made-up words, her stamina. Equally fascinating — and distracting — was the unusual spangly top Palin wore for the occasion. What do you call that thing? Palin, it turns out, was sporting a bolero jacket, similar to a shrug, but more formal and made of stiffer material. Fashion history tells us that the bolero was inspired by the chaquetilla, a short, rigid jacket, worn by Spanish matadors. Palin’s bolero included silver, red, gold, and blue stripes made of beads (according to People magazine, it retails for just under $700). On “Saturday Night Live” a few days later, Tina Fey re-created the Palin bolero to great effect.

Opinion | Steve Brodner

Ted Cruz has always been right

By Steve Brodner ,

Ted Cruz’s hard-core conservative cred might be what’s really worrying Donald Trump.


Scandal, taxes, and a pardon sought


A quick look at five political stories you might have missed.