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George H.W. Bush’s image of civility contrasts with much of current politics

By , Globe Staff

Bush was a model of gentlemanly public service that has, in some ways, been abandoned.

Ayanna Pressley finds her footing in Washington

By and , Globe Staff

The Roxbury congresswoman-elect campaigned as an outsider, but shows a savvy understanding of “the swamp.”

Despite youthful blue wave, age and power still intertwined in Washington

By and , Globe Staff

Perhaps most jarring to this year’s freshmen, three Democrats in their late 70s are running unopposed in elections this week for the top leadership spots in the House.

Charlottesville voters saw a chance to make a statement

By , Globe Staff

The midterms held a particular resonance for some residents of a city who had watched an all-too-real incarnation of hatred and fear spill into its streets.