Jess Bidgood

Jess Bidgood is a national political reporter in the Globe’s Washington bureau, where she covers campaigns, Congress and how the workings of Washington (or lack thereof) influence people’s lives around the country. She previously spent seven years covering New England for the New York Times, and began her journalism career at WBUR and WGBH. She lives in Washington and misses Somerville.

Latest stories


Trump still faces political danger after Mueller report

By and , Globe Staff

President Trump is running a lucky streak. The question is whether he can take advantage of it.


Aides ignored some Trump orders to stymie Russia investigation, Mueller finds

By and , Globe Staff

President Trump was never able to stop the investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia, but it was not for lack of trying.

Elizabeth Warren’s policy proposals trigger fund-raising spikes

By , and , Globe Staff

As the Massachusetts senator’s reputation for being a policy wonk took off, it seems, her fund-raising increased, according to a Globe analysis.

Warren heads West with a plan for public lands

By , Globe Staff

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is wading into controversial policy areas that resonate in the West, where some key states hold early primary contests.