Noah Bierman

Bierman currently covers Congress. Before that, he covered state politics and transportation. He has also reported on higher education, crime, politics, and local government for the Miami Herald, The Palm Beach Post, and the Duluth (Minn.) News-Tribune.

Latest stories

Shaheen support, ties to breast cancer research scrutinized

By Noah Bierman and Todd Wallack , Globe Staff

Jeanne Shaheen has signed letters since she entered the Senate seeking $150 million to maintain a Defense Department breast cancer research program.

Scott Brown details finances since leaving Senate

By Noah Bierman and and Jim O’Sullivan , Globe Staff

Brown earned $186,000 for giving 20 speeches since he left office, and also earned $108,000 in 2013 from Fox News.

N.H. Senate candidates rebuffing tax return requests

By Noah Bierman , Globe Staff

Voters might use the returns to discern both the candidates’ money management styles, net worth, and potential conflicts of interest.

Eric Cantor forgot the basic lesson of politics: Know thy voter

By Noah Bierman , Globe Staff

There are certainly many potential lessons from the House majority leader’s loss for politicians of all stripes. But the biggest is no lesson at all.