Hiawatha Bray

Bray is a technology writer for the Business section. He has contributed to a number of newspapers and magazines including Wired, Fast Company and Black Enterprise. He received an Overseas Press Club award for his series on the Internet in Africa.

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Vessel is banking on our video addiction

By , Globe Staff

We’re all watching more video than ever, and it’s YouTube’s fault.

Online advertising at heart of Verizon-AOL deal

By , Globe Staff

The deal could prepare the telecom giant for the fading appeal of traditional cable TV and the soaring popularity of Internet video.

Retrieving text messages sometimes can be easy

By , Globe Staff

The NFL got the text messages simply by asking, but sometimes cellular companies keep records and copies.

The lesson of Deflategate: Don’t save your texts

By , Globe Staff

A word to the wise: If your text messages don’t self-destruct, maybe you will.