Audience Engagement Editor

Heather Ciras

Heather Ciras works with reporters, editors, and digital journalists to best plan for, package, and promote stories on our site and on social media platforms, with a special emphasis on nontraditional storytelling and community outreach. This means everything from spotting trending news, brainstorming new ways to tell stories, and determining the best audience and finding out how to reach them.

Heather is also part of a team that oversees all the Globe’s social media profiles. Here, she helps best position stories across platforms as well as grow the Globe’s reach.

Latest stories

Explore the crazy world of Stephen King’s ‘Dark Tower’

By Aprill Brandon and Ryan Huddle , Globe Staff

Stephen King has created many worlds and many of them he has connected, in ways big and small, with the “Dark Tower” series acting as the linchpin.

Does writing a letter to the seller give a buyer an advantage? The pros and cons

By , Globe staff

In 2013, the home-buying website Redfin said a personal letter improved an offer’s success by 9 percent.

Here’s why flying with toddlers can be awful, even in the best of circumstances

By , Globe Staff

A mother who flew United with her 2-year-old was forced to hold him on her lap. Yeah, OK. Good luck with that.

The ultimate summer reading list

By , Globe Staff

’Tis the season for sun and sand, lobster and leisure, barbecues and books. Especially books.