Maria Cramer

Maria Cramer covers the criminal justice system, including federal and state courts. She has worked at the Boston Globe since 2004. Since that time, she has covered the suburbs, Boston Police, and breaking crime stories. She was one of the lead reporters in an award-winning, five-part series about the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood of Boston. In 2013, she was part of the metro staff that covered the Boston Marathon bombings and would win the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news. In 2016, she spent a year on the Spotlight Team working on the series, “The Desperate and the Dead,” which was named a Pulitzer finalist.

Latest stories

Painkiller that enriched Insys left patients sick and addicted, witnesses say

By , Globe Staff

The defendants stand accused of conspiring to bribe practitioners into prescribing the powerful painkiller in high doses to patients who did not need it.

Girl sought relief from bullying. In exchange, teacher’s aide demanded massages, she says

By , Globe Staff

A 13-year-old told investigators with the state’s child-protection agency that last fall she felt forced to give a teacher’s aide half a dozen massages.

Legislators seek to bar judges from sending drug users who relapse to jail

By , Globe Staff

Proposed legislation is likely to renew the debate in the medical community on the extent to which addiction hinders the ability to abstain from drug use.

In Boston federal court, echoes of 1994 Rwanda genocide

By , Globe Staff

Jean Pierre Gasaira was just 17 years old when he saw soldiers and militiamen drag a Tutsi doctor outside a hospital in Rwanda. He testified in US District Court in Boston Wednesday.