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James Duffy

Duffy has been a producer for the Globe since 2006, working for the A/E, classifieds, news and overnight sections. He currently works on the breaking news desk of, covering anything and everything.

Latest stories

Gerry Adams won’t face charges in ’72 death of Jean McConville

By , Globe Staff

The Sinn Fein leader had been arrested in connection with the slaying of a widowed mother of 10 in Northern Ireland.


Boston Dynamics video shows robot Atlas running through woods

By , Globe Staff

The company has begun testing its humanoid robot, Atlas, outside and the two-legged creation looks like it’s making progress.

Trailer released for Patriots documentary ‘Do Your Job’

By , Globe Staff

The clip focuses on the decision not to call a timeout before Malcolm Butler’s Super Bowl-clinching interception.

‘Sesame Street’ making its way to HBO this fall

By , Globe Staff

The next five seasons of the educational program will be get a first run on HBO, and then be available on PBS.