Nicole Dungca

Nicole Dungca works on the Globe’s projects and investigations team.

She joined the Globe’s newsroom in 2014 to write about transportation. She previously covered education and breaking news at The Oregonian, and has also written for The Providence Journal and The Times-Picayune in New Orleans.

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Private citizens sometimes seek charges against their accusers in secret courts

By and , Globe Staff

Massachusetts is one of a small number of states that allow private citizens to go before clerk magistrates to lodge serious criminal complaints that are vetted, and sometimes settled, in secretive hearings.

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Panel is charged with reviewing state’s ‘secret courts’

By , Globe Staff

Trial Court Chief Justice Paula Carey convened a “Trial Court Working Group” to review the way these hearings operate, according to court spokeswoman Jennifer Donahue.

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County commissioner, Quincy official avoid charges at confidential court hearings

By and , Globe Staff

A Plymouth county commissioner and a prominent Quincy city employee avoided criminal charges in private court hearings over the past several months.

State leaders call for transparency in closed-door criminal hearings

By and Matt Stout , Globe Staff | Globe Correspondent

Officials were responding to a Globe Spotlight report that detailed how secret criminal hearings resulted in some suspects not facing charges for serious crimes — even though police had substantial evidence.