Stephanie Ebbert

Stephanie Ebbert has been a Boston Globe reporter since 1997, covering local news and state politics and documenting some of the most closely watched campaigns in the country, including those of US Senators Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown. In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, she shifted her focus to gender issues, documenting women’s political engagement and tracking their status in society, in politics, and in the workplace. A native of Shillington, Pennsylvania, Stephanie graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in English/Journalism. She previously worked for the Reading Eagle-Times, the Harrisburg Patriot-News, and Prevention magazine.

Latest stories

Harvard student drops suit over college’s investigation into out-of-state rape claim

By , Globe Staff

The university intends to continue to look into the allegation after the semester begins Jan. 21, but through a different office.

Double standard for potty-mouthed politicians

By , Globe Staff

When female politicians — and particularly women of color — curse publicly, the blowback is fierce.

Is she likable enough? We’re still asking that?

By , Globe Staff

Women are pushing back against presumptions and narratives they might have endured just a few years ago.

Eugene McCain wanted to open a slots parlor in Revere. Now it’s pot shops in Western Mass.

By , Globe Staff

Marijuana applications from Eugene McCain could test the integrity of the state’s new regulatory system and demonstrate how rigorous officials intend to be.