Stephanie Ebbert

Ebbert has been a local news reporter for the Globe since 1997 with a focus on politics. She has covered Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Mitt Romney's campaign for governor, and the rise and fall of Massachusetts Republicans' hopes in the elections of 2010.

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A second Mass. slots parlor? Easier said than done

By , Globe Staff

A developer secured a ballot question asking voters to demand the facility. That may have been the easy part.

Could a Weld-Johnson ticket appeal to Mass. GOP voters?

By , Globe Staff

For those turned off by Donald Trump’s persona, the Libertarian candidates may be the option they’re looking for.

Rough start for state’s child care billing system

By , Globe Staff

The new billing system stuttered almost immediately upon use by child care providers around the state.

Capital Source

Libertarians launch a cheeky pitch for votes in new ad

By , Globe Staff

In a chummy, cheeky web ad, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld present themselves as a “credible alternative to ClinTrump.”