John R. Ellement

Richardson Ellement is a Metro reporter who has covered northern New England, Boston police, the courts, and major breaking news stories for the Globe for the past 25 years. In 2010, he received the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Excellence in Legal Journalism award. He is an adjunct professor at Boston University. Currently, he is an online reporter and editor.

Latest stories

Reading man held pending dangerousness hearing

By and Sean Smyth , Globe Staff

Brian English, 30, accused of holding a woman hostage for two hours on Easter Sunday, was the subject of a day-long manhunt.

Evidence precedent in Hernandez case worries top SJC judge

By and , Globe Staff

The Suffolk DA’s office wants to examine Aaron Hernandez’s phone for evidence linking the former Patriot to two killings in July 2012.

Fire at Newton Yacht Club destroys 2 boats

By , Globe Staff

Newton firefighters could not tap into the Charles River and had to run fire hoses more than 3,500 feet to the scene.

Water main break leaves 40 percent of Hull residents without water

By , Globe Staff

The town’s seven schools are closed for the day, and repair work is underway, an official said.