Bella English

English is a feature writer for the Globe, and writes a column for the Globe South section. She joined the Globe in 1985. A graduate of the University of North Carolina and Columbia Journalism School, English also worked at the Miami Herald and the New York Daily News.

Latest stories

Dave Goldberg death highlights risks, injuries during treadmill use

By , Globe Staff

The death last weekend of an executive who fell off a treadmill has focused new attention on the risks of the high-tech jogging machine.

The power of one — 3,000 miles to go for a global circuit

By , Globe Staff

When Sarah Outen rows across the Atlantic, she’ll conquer the last 3,000 miles of a journey that’s included pneumonia, capsizings, and personal demons.

Bill Cosby scandal leaves Western Mass. town wondering

By , Globe Staff

In Shelburne Falls, where Cosby owns a home and casts his votes, residents are grappling with charges filed against their famous neighbor.

A mom’s live-tweets during sex-ed class go viral

By , Globe Staff

A Michigan parent takes to social media with comments regarding school’s abstinence-based lessons and causes stir.