Reporter/Assistant Metro Editor

David Filipov

David Filipov is an editor and reporter with a focus on Boston’s bid for the 2024 Olympic games. As Moscow bureau chief from 1996 to 2004, Filipov covered Russia’s transformation from Communism, and reported from conflict zones in Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq. He also oversees coverage of transportation and the environment, and writes news and feature stories in Boston, New England and overseas.

Latest stories

Nor’easter takes aim at coastal communities

By , , , Laura Crimaldi, and , Globe Staff

The blizzard caused flooding and power outages, but less of the devastating damage that some had feared.

For Sept. 11, a sail to remember his father

By , Globe Staff

Globe editor David Filipov took to Boston Harbor to honor the man who taught him to sail.

Moscow’s Cold War site evokes the unthinkable

By , Globe Staff

A Soviet-era bunker offers lessons that resonate at a time of heightened tensions between the US and Russia.

Cape Cod Canal’s centennial celebrates historic waterway

By , Globe Staff

Simple maritime logic and topographic reality dictated the need for a canal.