Assistant Metro Editor

Martin Finucane

Finucane, who has worked at the Globe for six years, previously worked in the Boston bureau of the Associated Press for 12 years.

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Malware, spearphishing, and phony identities — indictment provides details of Russian hacking conspiracy

By , Globe Staff

It was a well-planned and ultimately successful cyberoperation, carried out by the intelligence agency of a major country, Robert Mueller alleges.

Believe it or not, President Trump has been in Europe a little over 72 hours

By , Globe Staff

President Trump has generated an awful lot of headlines and controversy in three days overseas.

Boston’s streets do go in all sorts of directions. These charts prove it

By , Globe Staff

Boston’s street layout is less orderly than some other American cities but looks better when compared with cities abroad, new data visualizations show.

Wildfires spread across West, including one so large it can be seen from space

By , Globe Staff

A blaze in Nevada generated so much heat and smoke it was visible from space.