Assistant Metro Editor

Martin Finucane

Finucane, who has worked at the Globe for six years, previously worked in the Boston bureau of the Associated Press for 12 years.

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Study suggests mindfulness classes help people lose weight

By , Globe Staff

Mindfulness training helped people participating in an intensive weight management program to lose more pounds, according to a small new study.

Those strange radar sightings over Maine were probably caused by military planes dumping ‘chaff’

By , Globe Staff

The strange radar sightings in Maine on Wednesday were likely caused by clouds of “chaff” that are released from military planes to fool radar.

Europe seems unstable. Here’s what’s going on

By , Globe Staff

Trouble seems to be bubbling up across Europe, including among our closest allies.

Is all that screen time hurting your child’s brain? New research raises troubling questions

By , Globe Staff

A new study raises questions about whether screen time is affecting the structure of children’s brains.